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Percent Complete Fields

What’s Inside?

Schedule % Complete.....or perhaps Performance % Complete.  No. Maybe Activity % Complete is the right one? Arg!

Any Primavera P6 user could be easily confused with the myriad of Percent Complete fields available in your project schedule.  This ebook aims to clear the haze and help you understand the differences.  Whether you're using Earned Value analysis or just trying to progress your schedule, this book is an essential guide for planners and schedulers in any industry.  Enjoy!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Quick Review of the Whole Structure
  • A Quick Review of the Actual Progress
  • A Quick Review of the Planned Progress
  • A Quick Review of the Earned Value Analysis
  • The Structure of the Planned Progress
  • The Structure of the Actual Progress
  • The Activity % Complete
  • The Duration % Complete
  • The Units % Complete
  • The Physical % Complete
  • The Performance % Complete
  • Summary

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