Loss of Productivity with Tyler Konter

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Duration: 60 Minutes

Cost: Free

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Tyler will discuss methods of measuring productivity, the measured mile and how to perform this analysis correctly, project-level tracking and the uses for executives, and:

  • Provide a background into what productivity is and common misconceptions about productivity  

    • Productivity vs. Production

    • Productivity vs. Delay

  • Common causes of loss of productivity

    • Are these all measures of productivity? (discussion)

About Tyler Konter - PE, PSP, CCP, Senior Consultant

Tyler Konter joined the engineering consulting industry after years of experience performing project management, engineering, project 

controls, CPM scheduling, and cost analysis on live construction projects. Mr. Konter has performed and critiqued forensic analyses of industry-recognized methods including the measured mile for productivity analysis; and the contemporaneous, impacted as-planned, and as-planned vs. as-built for schedule analysis.